Monday, April 8, 2019

Q4W4 Classroom Update


1.     Our final project of the year, our Insect Report, has officially begun. On Friday, scholars were sent home with the parent letter and Part One: Anatomy and Locomotionwhich is due Friday, April 12thTeachers will be sending home individual parts one week before they are due. However, the entire project will be posted on class blogs in case you would like to get a head start on any of the individual pieces. Click here to view the entire project. Please keep in mind that this is a research project. While some research will be completed in class, additional research at home or a public library is needed.
2.    Our field trip to the Arizona Science Center is approaching, we can't wait for this adventure together on Tuesday, April 23rd. We do ask that all scholars wear their uniforms on this day to help easily identify them, we also need each student to come with a brown bag lunch. More information will follow. Please  contact the front office if you have not yet paid for your child's field trip to ensure their participation.
3.   Currently, second grade scholars are working on earning their cursive licenses; once these are earned they may write all of their classwork and homework in cursive. As of May, 1st, all second grade work will be completed in cursive in preparation for third grade. Until this time we do ask that one column of Spalding homework be completed in cursive nightly.

A Look in the Classroom

1.     ELA: Our poem Smart by Shel Silverstein will be recited on Monday. We will continue to develop our persuasive writing skills by researching an environmental issue and writing a persuasive paragraph about it. We will then try to persuade our classmates that our topic is the most important issue through a Socratic discussion. This project will be done in class over the next several weeks. We will be applying the alphabetizing skills we refined last week to learn how to use a dictionary. Another part of speech will be added in as we learn about conjunctions. 
2.     History: We will begin our Immigration and Citizenship unit by discussing the reasons people chose to come to America. We will also take virtual field trips to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island to aid our discussion of what these places meant to immigrants.
3.     Science: We are wrapping up our Life Cycle unit by further discussing the plant life cycle with dissections of a seed and plant . We will have an in class review on Friday and have our assessment next Tuesday, 4/15. 
4.     Math: This week we will be finishing up our fractions unit and we will have a test on Tuesday.  We will then be launching our unit on time!  If you have an analog clock at home feel free to reinforce our lessons by having your child tell the time when the opportunity presents itself. 


1.     Tuesday: Math Assessment: Fractions
2.     Friday: Spelling Test

 Enjoy your week! 

Friday, March 29, 2019

Q4W3 Classroom Update

1.     Our final project of the year, our Insect Report, is quickly approaching. We will be sending the instructions out next Friday, but wanted to be sure we put it on your radar. This will be a research project that has a similar format to the Simple Machines project.
2.     Official chaperones for the field trip will be announced on Friday, April 4th. 
3.     Pre-order your DVD of the Spring Concert! DVDs will be available for purchase 1 for $20 or 2 for $35. A portion of  the proceeds will be donated back to our school. There will be a table in the lobby of the concert to order it as well.
4.     If you haven’t already, please click here and give to Archway Lincoln’s Tax Credit Drive today! Tax Credit contributions support our extra-curricular and athletic programs, field trips, clubs, and character-building programs. The Arizona Public School Tax Credit allows Arizona taxpayers to contribute to the public school of their choice and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on their state taxes. Married couples may contribute up to $400 and single filers may contribute up to $200 and receive the full credit when they file their AZ state taxes. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Meghan Murphy, Academy Giving Manager, at (480)222-1507. Thank you!
5.     Please refer to class blog for further information regarding the Spring Concert, our scholars are working so hard, we can't wait to see you there!
A Look in the Classroom
1.     ELA: In Writing class we will continue our study of persuasive essays. We will parse sentences with pronouns. We will also be taking a close look at alphabetical order in preparation of our dictionary study.
2.     History: We will spend some time reviewing our Civil War unit in class. We will send the study guide home on Tuesday and have the test on Friday.
3.     Science: We are studying the parts of plant, plant life cycle, and parts of a seed. We will also keep a close eye on our eggs and tadpoles! 
4.     Math: This week we will be continuing our fractions unit. We will compare and order fractions as well as make a whole out with two or more fractions with the same denominator. At the end of the week we will be reviewing. 


1.     Friday: History Test; Civil War and Spelling Test

Monday, March 25, 2019

Q4W2 Classroom Update

Hello 2D families, 
A HUGE thank you to everyone for coming together to make Westward Expansion Day a success!! Our scholars had so much fun during this wonderful experiential learning opportunity. The teachers also truly enjoyed this opportunity to bond with our students outside of the normal classroom routine. We are so grateful for our liaisons, volunteers, and parent community as a whole.
Important Dates
1.     Thursday, April 6th: Spring Concert
2.     Friday, April 12th: Spirit Wear Day
3.     Tuesday, April 23rd: Second Grade Field Trip; Arizona Science Center
1.     Our class field trip to the Arizona Science Center is approaching; we will be going on this adventure Tuesday, April 23. Each class will need 8 fingerprinted chaperones for the trip who will join at the ASC oversee a group of scholars. Due to limited bus space, we will be asking chaperones to carpool and meet us there. If you are interested in being a chaperone, please email me directly to be placed on the list. Names of chaperones will be drawn randomly in class.
A Look in the Classroom
1.     ELA: We will start writing persuasive paragraphs. Students will be introduced to pronouns. We will also finish identifying text features. Our poetry selection for this month has increased in length, to prepare our scholars for 3rd grade pieces. Nightly practice is encouraged.
2.     History: We will continue our discussion about the Civil War by reading about Lee and Grant. We will also discuss the ending of the war and important female figures who contributed to the needs our struggling nation.
3.     Science: We will be continuing our study of life cycles next week. We will conclude our study of the frog life cycle and begin the chicken life cycle. Classes will be raising frogs and hatching chicken eggs in order to make real-life connections to science. 
4.     Math: This week we will be wrapping up our unit on money.  We will have our final money lesson on Monday covering word problems and mental math.  Tuesday we will review with our textbook and some games.  On Wednesday we will have an assessment on our Money Unit. We will then jump into the exciting world of fractions in on Thursday and Friday.  This unit begins with an exploration of halves, fourths, and thirds.  One aspect of fractions that we will emphasize is fairness in fractions.  For example, there is a way to cut a pizza into two parts and it not to be halves which would not be fair!  
1.     Wednesday: Math Test; Money
2.     Friday: Spelling Test

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Wishing you a fantastic weekend with your scholars! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Q3W7 Classroom Update

Important Dates

Monday, February 18th: No School, President's Day

Wednesday, Feb. 27th: Little House in the Big Woods Coffee Talk (all reading and math groups are cancelled this day to make time for the coffee talk)

A Look in the Classroom

1  ELA: We will be introducing another part of speech next week when we begin our study of prepositions. We will learn about a new type of writing when expository writing is introduced. We will be reading our final tall tale, John Henry, as we continue to connect ELA to westward expansion. 
2  History: We will talk about the California gold rush and the famous Oregon Trail. We will also explore who the riders of the Pony Express were and learn how the technology of the telegraph replaced them.
3  Science: Scholars will begin to learn about the water cycle. Leaning on the discussions we had about states of matter last week, we will discuss what the water cycle is using key terms such as evaporation and condensation.

4  Math Objectives:
1                    Count and multiply by 5’s
2                    Solve word problems by multiplying by 5
3                    Divide by 5 and solve division word problems


1  Friday: Spelling Test

As always, please reach out with any questions you may have. Wishing you a safe and relaxing long weekend with your scholars!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Field Day Info

I am passing along Field Day Information - Please read all the way through. 2D would love your help, if possible! J

As many of you know, Field Day is approaching quickly, on Friday, March 8th, 2019. For those of you who are new to Field Day, it is an opportunity for your student to participate in a half-days’ worth of sporting events (i.e. Relay Races, Tug-of-War, etc.), where they compete with their classmates against other classes in active/healthy competition. This is a pretty large event in which multiple volunteers will be needed.

We are reaching out to all families in order to extend an invite to join your students on this eventful day, and volunteer for either K-2 grades (morning events) or 3-5 grades (afternoon events). There are multiple stations being ran at once, and data will need to be recorded, refreshments and water will need to be provided, etc. We can use all the help we can get!

Therefore, if you would be interested in helping/volunteering, please sign up for a slot here: The access code is ACL2019.

If you have any questions, please contact either Coach Edmondson K-2 or Coach Faurot 3-5 -

In addition to volunteers, your students’ classes are assigned a color that represents their class as a whole.2D’s class color is BROWN. We ask that your students come to Field Day with the appropriate T-Shirt color on the day of this massive event. We are currently working with our classroom liaison, Mrs. Smit, to find a deal on shirts. StAY TUNED J We hope to represent our Homeroom with Team Spirit and Great Sportsmanship. Please reach out to the PE coaches if you have any other questions or concerns about this exciting and eventful day.   

In addition, we are reaching out to families that would be willing to help and provide snacks/beverages for our class on March 8th, 2019. We are searching for parent(s) that would be willing to either:
  Provide our class with cooler(s) & ice
  Provide small waters, gatorade’s, etc.
  Provide snacks for one of the break times
                     Otter pops and Waters will already be at one of the stations, so please no popsicles.
If this is something you are willing to lend a helping hand, please reach out to Mrs. Morga  so we can get the snacks organized for our class.

Q3W6 Classroom Update

  Important Dates
1.     Saturday, Feb. 9th: Father-Daughter Dance
2.     Tuesday, Feb. 12th: Class Pictures
3.     Thursday, Feb. 14th: Great Hearts Day
4.     Wednesday, Feb. 27th: Little House in the Big Woods Coffee Talk (all reading and math groups are cancelled this day to make time for the coffee talk)

A Look in the Classroom
1.     ELA: We will continue working on personal narratives in Writing class; Grammar will consist of more verb tense review. Bed in Summer is our new poem, recitation will be on March 1st. For Tall Tales, we will further our discussion about Johnny Appleseed.
2.     History: With our War of 1812 unit behind us we will begin to learn about Westward Expansion! We will begin learning about settling the west with lessons about Daniel Boone and The Oregon Trail.
3.     Science: Students will review states of matter in preparation for our water cycle unit.
4.     Math Objectives:
1.     4 x ___ and ___x 4
2.     Build the multiplication table for 4
3.     Use related facts for find unknown facts
4.     Solve word problems involving multiplication 
5.     Relate division by 4 to multiplication by 4

Please do let us know if there is anything we can help with. Enjoy your weekend!


Mrs. Morga & Mrs. Farias 

Monday, February 4, 2019

Q3W5 Classroom Update

Hello 2D families, 

Thanks so much for all of the kind donations rolling into the classroom, they are greatly appreciated! An additional thank you to our parent volunteers who came in for math and reading groups this week.

 Important Dates

  1. Friday, Feb. 8th: Half Day
  2. Saturday, Feb. 9th: Father-Daughter Dance

A Look in the Classroom

1.     ELA: In Grammar class, we are continue verb tenses, including irregular past tense. Writing instruction will include a practice of actually writing a narrative. In Tall Tales we will learn all about Johnny Appleseed.
2.     History: Our War of 1812 unit is coming to a close, we will do a close review with the study guide in class and take our assessment on Thursday.
3.     Science: We'll be doing an overview of Seasons and end the unit with a brief quiz on Friday.
4.     Math: Our mental math unit is coming to an end; we are so proud of our scholars' hard work and perseverance! If your kiddo enjoyed the unit please have them request an enrichment packet to continue practice. Here's a great resource for helping your student skip count by 4s:
1.     Objectives:
1.     Subtract a number close to a hundred from a 3 digit number
2.     Count by 4s to multiply by 4


1.     Thursday Feb. 7th: History Test, War of 1812 (study guide going home on Tuesday)
2.     Friday Feb 8th: Spelling Test and Seasons Quiz (study guide going home Thursday)
Please do reach out is there is anything I can help with.

Q4W4 Classroom Update

Announcements 1.       Our final project of the year, our Insect Report, has officially begun. On Friday, scholars were sent home...