Monday, April 8, 2019

Q4W4 Classroom Update


1.     Our final project of the year, our Insect Report, has officially begun. On Friday, scholars were sent home with the parent letter and Part One: Anatomy and Locomotionwhich is due Friday, April 12thTeachers will be sending home individual parts one week before they are due. However, the entire project will be posted on class blogs in case you would like to get a head start on any of the individual pieces. Click here to view the entire project. Please keep in mind that this is a research project. While some research will be completed in class, additional research at home or a public library is needed.
2.    Our field trip to the Arizona Science Center is approaching, we can't wait for this adventure together on Tuesday, April 23rd. We do ask that all scholars wear their uniforms on this day to help easily identify them, we also need each student to come with a brown bag lunch. More information will follow. Please  contact the front office if you have not yet paid for your child's field trip to ensure their participation.
3.   Currently, second grade scholars are working on earning their cursive licenses; once these are earned they may write all of their classwork and homework in cursive. As of May, 1st, all second grade work will be completed in cursive in preparation for third grade. Until this time we do ask that one column of Spalding homework be completed in cursive nightly.

A Look in the Classroom

1.     ELA: Our poem Smart by Shel Silverstein will be recited on Monday. We will continue to develop our persuasive writing skills by researching an environmental issue and writing a persuasive paragraph about it. We will then try to persuade our classmates that our topic is the most important issue through a Socratic discussion. This project will be done in class over the next several weeks. We will be applying the alphabetizing skills we refined last week to learn how to use a dictionary. Another part of speech will be added in as we learn about conjunctions. 
2.     History: We will begin our Immigration and Citizenship unit by discussing the reasons people chose to come to America. We will also take virtual field trips to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island to aid our discussion of what these places meant to immigrants.
3.     Science: We are wrapping up our Life Cycle unit by further discussing the plant life cycle with dissections of a seed and plant . We will have an in class review on Friday and have our assessment next Tuesday, 4/15. 
4.     Math: This week we will be finishing up our fractions unit and we will have a test on Tuesday.  We will then be launching our unit on time!  If you have an analog clock at home feel free to reinforce our lessons by having your child tell the time when the opportunity presents itself. 


1.     Tuesday: Math Assessment: Fractions
2.     Friday: Spelling Test

 Enjoy your week! 

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Q4W4 Classroom Update

Announcements 1.       Our final project of the year, our Insect Report, has officially begun. On Friday, scholars were sent home...