Saturday, September 22, 2018

Week 8 Update

Hello 2D families, 
Greetings as we finish another successful week of learning. Only two more weeks of Quarter 1! WOW! 

As a reminder, we do ask that parents please sign their student's agenda nightly. Filling out the agenda is a daily exercise in the classroom; Mrs. Farias and myself do stamp each student's agenda to ensure it is filled out correctly. Parent sign-off is a natural support in keeping scholars accountable for completing homework, which is a part of a student's grade at Archway Lincoln.  Also, we encourage each scholar to bring a water bottle daily. Thank you for your partnership in this practice. 
Important Dates
1.     September 28th: Half Day - Teacher in service

A Look in the Classroom
1. ELA: In reading, we will be learning to make connections to what we are reading. Some connections that can be made are:  
  • Text to Self: The text reminds me of something in my own life
  • Text to Text: The text reminds me of something else I’ve read or watched
  • Text to World: The text reminds me of something from current events or the text makes me think of a bigger issue. 
When you are reading with your child, as them about what connections they made while they are reading. We will be reading "The Blind Men and the Elephant" in order to continue working on our sequencing writing. This story has a great moral about teamwork and different perspectives. We will finish studying plural nouns by examining irregular plurals that do not follow a rule and are learned through memorization. 
2. History: In History we are beginning our unit on Ancient India. We will be reading about Hinduism, The Fesival of Lights, and the story of Buddah.
3. Science: We will finish up our Simple Machine unit. Our unit assessment will be on Tuesday, 9/25. We will begin a mini unit focusing on famous scientists from the past - Elijah McCoy, Florence Nightingale, and Daniel Hale Williams. Students will be able to identify science-related career opportunities.
4. Math: Next Unit 3 - Measurement 
  • Review measuring length with nonstandard units (Like hands or unit cubes and discuss why this causes inaccuracy)
  • Compare same length measured with different non standard units 
  • Recognize the need for standard units of measurement 
  • Introduce length in meters
  • Estimate and measure length to the nearest meter
  • Word problems with comparison of units (2 digits/or within 1,000) Add or subtract lengths in meters
  • Introduce Length in centimeters 
  • Estimate and measure length to the nearest centimeter 

Please do reach out with any questions you may have. Thank you! 


Mrs. Morga & Mrs. Farias 

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