Sunday, September 16, 2018


Important Dates
1.     Friday, September 28th: Half Day 
A Look in the Classroom
1.     ELA: Leveled fluency passages will begin going home this week. Please have you scholar read their passage out loud for one minute on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Log the total number of words read within the minute. Subtract any words read that were skipped, switched or misread. If they are able to self-correct, you do not need to count this as an error. Return the completed fluency sweep on Thursday. This counts toward the 20 minutes of nightly reading.  In ELA, we will continue to practice sequencing by working through graphic organizers and writing sequencing sentences. We will continue our study of singular and plural nouns by beginning to look at irregular plural nouns. 
2.     Literature: We will be focusing on story sequencing, context clues, and text-to-self connections as we continue exploring our Boxcar Children unit.
3.     History: We will finish our Japan unit by discussing Japan's most important crop, traditional dress, bonsai trees, and origami. We will fill out our study guides in class on Tuesday and have our quiz on Friday.
4.     Science: We will finish our exploration of Simple Machines. Students will understand how a pulley can be used in everyday life. We will discuss the differences and similarities of the three types of pulleys: fixed, compound, and movable. Students will understand that friction is a force that works against motion.  
5.     Math: Our unit 2 Assessment will be on Friday.
          -Rename tens and hundreds to subtract within 1,000
          -Solve word problems using the correct word problem steps each time.
          -Rename with zeros
          -Review addition and subtraction with and without renaming within 1,000
1.     Thursday: Japan Quiz
2.     Friday: Spelling Test and Math Test

Please do reach out with any questions or concerns!


Mrs. Morga & Mrs. Farias 

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