Thursday, October 4, 2018

Q1 Evaluation Clarification

Quarter 1 Evaluations will be posted on Friday, October 12 at 3 p.m.
I know many of you are new to Great Hearts, so I wanted to take a minute to outline a few things about the grading system, specifically for 2nd grade


 N/A = skill has not been covered in Quarter 1

 In Kinder-2nd grade we do not assign numeric or alphabetic grades. Instead, you will see a scale like the one below:

1  Below Grade Level Expectations

2  Inconsistently shows Grade Level Expectations

 Meets Grade Level Expectations    

4  Exceeds Grade Level Expectations

You will then see a long list of various learning standards
 that will be assigned one of these numbers.  

Quick note:
Some of our children have a natural tendency to be dissatisfied with a 3 "meeting grade level expectations" because it is not considered the best. Please help them understand that their mastery, at any level and any pace, is one to be celebrated. Help them find the positive and excitement in learning- if their natural bent is toward perfectionism. 


Your child has been leveled for reading. You will receive your child's level within their grade checklist. Please see below for defined reading stages (EE, UE, EF, F) and what books are available at your child's level for a-z reading (also will be noted for you at conferences). 

A-Z Levels (Reading) 
Titles and Author / Books available at each level:

Reading Stages Defined (Guided Reading Level)
Early Emergent (EE):
 Reader understands concepts of print and basic punctuation, can identify and name letters, is able to match sounds with letters, recognizes some high frequency words, uses illustrations for meaning and uses finger or marker to point to text.

Upper Emergent (UE):
Reader sub-vocalizes or often reads aloud, reads word by word pausing at unfamiliar words, recognizes many words immediately, is beginning to use a few decoding strategies to problem solve new words and uses one or more strategies to gain meaning.

Early Fluent (EF):
Reader is beginning to read silently with independence, uses a variety of strategies to gain meaning, is able to recognize many familiar words, uses story and text structure with guidance to establish meaning and is beginning to read a variety of materials for different purposes.

Fluent (F):
Reads silently with independence and aloud with expression and fluency, selects a variety of texts and more difficult materials, uses a variety of strategies to read unfamiliar words, comprehends and self-corrects to gain meaning, summarizes and makes meaningful predictions and self-selects and enjoys books of interest and variety.

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