Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Q3W3 Update

Hello Parents!
An enthusiastic greeting from 2D as we wrap up our museum walk week. Thanks so much for your diligent efforts at home, it was such a joy to see our scholars presenting their good work on Wednesday. 
  1. Wednesday, January 23rd is our school wide writing day. As a school wide initiative to practice the beauty and art of writing, we will host a Lincoln Writes Day. This is an opportunity enjoy writing as a whole class. It is not an instructional time, but rather a time for teachers and students to pause and enjoy the process of writing. 
  2. Spalding Class: There will be no spelling word this week as we explore the beauty that is cursive. Please note: Moving forward your child will be assessed on 14-16 words a week as we transition to cursive.
Important Dates
1.     Monday, January 28th: No School; MLK Day
2.     Friday, February 8th: Half Day
3.     Monday, February 18th: No School; President's Day

A Look in the Classroom
1.     ELA: Our Tall Tales unit continues; we will explore the tale of Pecos Bill, continuing to distinguish between fact and reality. In Grammar we will take a close look at collective nouns. 
2.     History: We will wrap up our Making of the Constitution unit by reviewing what we have learned and taking the assessment on Thursday. On Friday, we will introduce our War of 1812 by discussing conflicts between Great Britain and America.
3.     Science: We will be starting our Seasons unit! Students will understand the title of the Earth and discuss why we have days and nights.
4.     Math: In math class we will be doing a close review of mental math strategies. We will also be doing one-on-one oral assessments with each student to gauge their knowledge of mental math addition strategies. *Please note* The unit that teaches multiple mental math strategies for 2-3 digit addition AND subtraction equations is for learning exposure. Please know this content is not expected to be mastered in grade 2 however, it is in preparation for third grade and beyond. 

1.     Thursday, January 24th: History; Constitution Test (Study Guide goes home Tuesday, January 22nd.)

 Please do let me know if there is anything we can help with.


Mrs. Morga & Mrs. Farias

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