Monday, February 4, 2019

Q3W5 Classroom Update

Hello 2D families, 

Thanks so much for all of the kind donations rolling into the classroom, they are greatly appreciated! An additional thank you to our parent volunteers who came in for math and reading groups this week.

 Important Dates

  1. Friday, Feb. 8th: Half Day
  2. Saturday, Feb. 9th: Father-Daughter Dance

A Look in the Classroom

1.     ELA: In Grammar class, we are continue verb tenses, including irregular past tense. Writing instruction will include a practice of actually writing a narrative. In Tall Tales we will learn all about Johnny Appleseed.
2.     History: Our War of 1812 unit is coming to a close, we will do a close review with the study guide in class and take our assessment on Thursday.
3.     Science: We'll be doing an overview of Seasons and end the unit with a brief quiz on Friday.
4.     Math: Our mental math unit is coming to an end; we are so proud of our scholars' hard work and perseverance! If your kiddo enjoyed the unit please have them request an enrichment packet to continue practice. Here's a great resource for helping your student skip count by 4s:
1.     Objectives:
1.     Subtract a number close to a hundred from a 3 digit number
2.     Count by 4s to multiply by 4


1.     Thursday Feb. 7th: History Test, War of 1812 (study guide going home on Tuesday)
2.     Friday Feb 8th: Spelling Test and Seasons Quiz (study guide going home Thursday)
Please do reach out is there is anything I can help with.

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