Monday, March 25, 2019

Q4W2 Classroom Update

Hello 2D families, 
A HUGE thank you to everyone for coming together to make Westward Expansion Day a success!! Our scholars had so much fun during this wonderful experiential learning opportunity. The teachers also truly enjoyed this opportunity to bond with our students outside of the normal classroom routine. We are so grateful for our liaisons, volunteers, and parent community as a whole.
Important Dates
1.     Thursday, April 6th: Spring Concert
2.     Friday, April 12th: Spirit Wear Day
3.     Tuesday, April 23rd: Second Grade Field Trip; Arizona Science Center
1.     Our class field trip to the Arizona Science Center is approaching; we will be going on this adventure Tuesday, April 23. Each class will need 8 fingerprinted chaperones for the trip who will join at the ASC oversee a group of scholars. Due to limited bus space, we will be asking chaperones to carpool and meet us there. If you are interested in being a chaperone, please email me directly to be placed on the list. Names of chaperones will be drawn randomly in class.
A Look in the Classroom
1.     ELA: We will start writing persuasive paragraphs. Students will be introduced to pronouns. We will also finish identifying text features. Our poetry selection for this month has increased in length, to prepare our scholars for 3rd grade pieces. Nightly practice is encouraged.
2.     History: We will continue our discussion about the Civil War by reading about Lee and Grant. We will also discuss the ending of the war and important female figures who contributed to the needs our struggling nation.
3.     Science: We will be continuing our study of life cycles next week. We will conclude our study of the frog life cycle and begin the chicken life cycle. Classes will be raising frogs and hatching chicken eggs in order to make real-life connections to science. 
4.     Math: This week we will be wrapping up our unit on money.  We will have our final money lesson on Monday covering word problems and mental math.  Tuesday we will review with our textbook and some games.  On Wednesday we will have an assessment on our Money Unit. We will then jump into the exciting world of fractions in on Thursday and Friday.  This unit begins with an exploration of halves, fourths, and thirds.  One aspect of fractions that we will emphasize is fairness in fractions.  For example, there is a way to cut a pizza into two parts and it not to be halves which would not be fair!  
1.     Wednesday: Math Test; Money
2.     Friday: Spelling Test

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Wishing you a fantastic weekend with your scholars! 

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