Monday, December 17, 2018

Q2W10 Classroom Update

Important Dates
1.     December 17th - 19th: Early Dismissal
2.     December 20th - January 4th: Winter Break
3.     January 4th, 7th, 8th, and 9th: Conferences - PLEASE SIGN UP HERE:

A Look in the Classroom
1.     ELA: We are doing an adjective and adverb review by parsing sentences. We will also be carefully constructing another paragraph about our Ancient Greece unit.
2.     History: We will do a review of our Ancient Greece unit by creating original paragraphs about the highlights of our lessons.
3.     Science: Students will be able to identify the most important organs in the excretory system.
4.     Math Objectives: (Unit 1 - 3 Review)
1.     Count, read, and write whole numbers to 1,000 and identify the place value for each digit 
2.     Read and write number words for numbers to 1,000
3.     Count on or back by hundreds, tens, or ones from a number within 1,000.
4.     Order and compare whole numbers review strategies for adding and subtracting mentally within 20 using base
5.     10 properties of numbers 
6.     Review part-whole concepts in word problems 
7.     Review comparison concepts in word problems 
8.     Add and subtract
9.     Compare the same lengths measured in different units 
10. Estimate and measure lengths to the nearest meter, centimeter, yard, foot, or inch -Add and subtract lengths 
11. Measure curved lengths 
12. 1,000 by using the symbols <, >, and =
13. Rename 1 ten as 10 ones and 1 hundred as 10 tens. 
14. Review addition and subtraction within 1,000
15. Add or subtract 1, 2, 10, 20, 100, or 200 from a number within 1,000
 Again, so many thanks to all who made our Greek Celebration possible.

Mrs. Morga & Mrs. Farias 

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