Monday, November 5, 2018

Week 4 Update

1.     Please be sure to send your student's reading comprehension book back to school with them on Wednesday. We reuse these for other students to conserve resources. Your support here is much appreciated!
2. Please make sure your scholar brings a snack and water bottle to school every day. 

Important Dates

1.     Monday, November 12th, Veteran's Day: No School
2.     Thursday, November 15th, Fall Concert: Higley Center for the Performing Arts
3.      November 21st - 23rd, Thanksgiving Break - No School

A Look in the Classroom

1.     ELA: Our poetry selection, Something Told the Wild Geese, will be recited in class on November 9th. In Writing class we are constructing strong detail sentences and tying that instruction to summarization skills in Reading class. Grammar instruction will hone in on defining and using adverbs.
2.     Science: Students will be learning about body systems including: muscular, respiratory, circulatory, and digestive.
3.     History: We will review for our Ancient China Test on Monday and take the assessment on Tuesday. We will then begin to explore out Ancient Greece unit with lessons in Geography and Greek gods.
4.     Math Objectives:
1.     Solve simple word problems that involve multiplication or division 
2.     Describe a context division story with a picture/number bond
3.     Create Division and Multiplication word problems 
4.     Review
5.     Thursday Division and Multiplication assessment 
6.     Count by 2s and solve problems in the form of 2x (Friday is the start of unit 5)


1.     Tuesday: Ancient China Test
2.     Thursday: Division and Multiplication Assessment
3.     Friday: Spelling Test

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