Friday, October 26, 2018

Q2W3 Update

Important Dates

-Wednesday, October 31st: Dress Like Your Favorite Literary Character Day - Please no pop culture :) 
-Friday, November 2nd: Half Day
-Wednesday, November 14th: Part 2 of Simple Machines Project Due
-Thursday, November 15th: Fall Concert

A Look in the Classroom

  ELA: This week we will be finishing up our study of the types of verbs by taking a closer look at helping verbs. We will continue to find the main idea and detail in texts we read. This will help to solidify our understanding of the parts of a paragraph. In writing, we will practice the first part of the writing process: brainstorming. We will be using a variety of graphic organizers to help develop our big ideas and supporting details.

History: We will look at several important inventions that China is famous for including silk, porcelain,
and fireworks. Also, we will have a discussion about Chinese New Year, be on the lookout for some fun
dragon masks coming home!

Science: Students will  understand  the  contributions  that  Anton  van  Leeuwenhoek  made  to  the
field of  microbiology and take an open notes cell quiz in class.

4  Math Objectives:
-Review multiplication and introduce division (word problems
-Use objects or drawings to solve word problems that  involve multiplication 
-Divide by sharing equally in a given number of groups 
-Write division equations 
-Solve simple word problems that involve sharing
-Divide by grouping by specified number to find the number of groups 
-Solve simple word problems that involve grouping 
-Use rectangular arrays to relate division to multiplication. 
-Write division and multiplication equations for a given set of equal groups 


 Thursday: Cell Quiz - Open Note
 Friday: Spelling Test

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