Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Week 5

Hello 2D families! 
It has been another beautiful week of learning here at Archway Lincoln.. We are reaching the middle of quarter 1 already - WOW!  
  1. Grandparent's Day has been cancelled for this year. I sincerely  apologize for the premature announcement, we do hope to begin this tradition at Lincoln in future years.
Important Dates
  1. September 3rd: No School
  2. September 4th: Spalding and Singapore Night 6:00 - 7:30

A Look in the Classroom
  1. Spalding: We will continue our review of the 70 phonograms and enter our spelling words into our pink notebooks. We will continue to focus on letter formation, baseline and midpoint, and letter sizing. This week we will only have 20 spelling words due to the Labor Day Holiday.
  2. ELA: In grammar we will be diving deeper into our study of nouns by looking at regular common and proper nouns. This week we will conclude our study of the 4 types of sentences by generating our own sentences and sharing with the class. See if your scholar can find each of the 4 types in a book they are reading. We will finish reading How the Camel Got It's Hump and discussing the story elements. We will be continuing to visualize while we read. Ask your scholar what pictures they see in their minds.
  3. History: We will finish our Map Skills and Geography of the Americas Unit, with a discussion of the Southern Cone. Students will fill out a study guide in class and bring it home to prepare for the test on Friday.
  4. Science: We will continue our investigation on Simple Machines. Students will understand that machines help us do work. Scholars will discuss and find find examples of simple machines in everyday life.
  5. Math:
    -Subtracting a 3-digit number from a number within 1,000 without renaming using the standard algorithm.
    -Word problems
    When your scholar is solving word problems please have them follow the steps in the front cover of their agenda/taped to the pocket of their orange folder
    -Addition WITH renaming
    -Add ones or tens to a 3-digit number using mental math strategies
    -Rename ones to add within 1,000
    -Rename tens to add within 1,000
    -Solve word problems WITH renaming
          Parent Resource Video: While the concepts in this video are above grade level 2, it accurately  explains renaming.

 Wishing you and your scholars a relaxing, long weekend! Please let me know if you have any questions! 


Mrs. Morga and Mrs. Farias 

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