Friday, August 24, 2018

Week 4 Update

Important Dates
1.     August 30th: Volunteer Training Night 6-7:30 pm
2.     September 4th: Singapore and Spalding Night 5:30-6:30 pm (K-2)
3.     September 7th: Grandparents Day
A Look in the Classroom
1. Spalding: We will continue our review of the 70 phonograms and enter our spelling words into our pink notebooks. We will continue to focus on letter formation, baseline and midpoint, and letter sizing.

2. Language Arts: We will be building on the skills we have been acquiring this year. We will take our knowledge of grammar and begin parsing subject noun/ verb sentences. We will complete our study of the 4 types of sentences by examining interrogative and exclamatory sentences. Our study of story elements will be solidified by reading How the Camel Got It's Hump and by learning to visualize what we read. 
3. Science: We will begin our Simple Machines unit. Scholars will observe, experiment, and discuss how machines help us do work. Scholars will understand that work is when force is applied to an object and it moves in the direction of the force.
4. History: Our Geography unit continues with a trip through central and South America. The students will be creating postcards from Puerto Rico, telling their loved ones about the wonders they saw on our imaginary field trip.
5. Math: This week's objectives are as follows:

-Word problems 

Key terms: 



Less Than 

More Than 

-Add a 2-digit number to a number within 1,000 without renaming, using the standard algorithm. 

-Add a 3-digit number to a number within 1,000 without renaming, using the standard algorithm. 

-Add numbers within 1,000, no renaming 

-Solve word problems 

-Subtract a 2-digit number from a number within 1,000 without renaming, using the standard algorithm 

*Please be sure to have your child practice their Rocket Math (the perimeter of the box once orally) nightly
1. Friday: Spelling Test

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