Saturday, August 11, 2018

Week 2 Update

1. We have a new bench this year on that playground to promote friendship, called the buddy bench. The purpose of this bench is for students who are unable to find someone to play with to sit and look for others playing a game that they would like to join. We encourage students who see someone sitting on the bench to go over and ask them to play. So far we are seeing being used with truly beautiful results! 

2. Please make sure you are checking and signing your child's agenda every night. As a class, we have discussed how it is their responsibility to check in with you to get it signed.  This will ensure that you have seen what is assigned and can help if there was any questions. 

3. It is still very hot outside - Please make sure you are sending your scholar to school everyday with a water bottle. Our number one priority is to keep them safe. 

Upcoming Dates
1. Thursday August 16th: K-2 Curriculum Night on campus 6-7:30 *This is an adult only event*
2. Tuesday August 21st: Student Picture Day.

A Look in the Classroom
1. Poem: Our first poem will be going out on Monday. We will be reciting Seashell by Federico Garcia Lorca. Please have your scholar practice the poem nightly. They will be reciting the poem on Friday, 8/17.
2. Spalding: We will continue to practice all 70 phonograms throughout the week. Spalding words will start in our pink journals. Teachers will lead instruction for spelling words starting with hand motions, markings, and rules.
3. Grammar: This week we will be learning about another fundamental part of speech: verbs. We will be focusing on action verbs. See how many action verbs your child can show you. 
4. Writing: Writing instruction will begin this week. The 5 parts of a sentence will be reviewed. You can practice the jingle we will learn at home with this link. Please make sure your scholar is always writing in complete sentences at home.
5. Reading: Last week we studied the first story element of character. This week we are moving on to the next story element: setting. The setting is where and when the story takes place. Discuss the setting of any stories that your scholar reads to you at home. 
6. Literature: We are going to be reading the first of our Core Knowledge short stories. We are starting with The Fisherman and His Wife. We will be closely examining the characters and setting of this story. 
7. Math: Our first math unit "Numbers to 1,000" comes to a close this Friday. Throughout this unit scholars have practiced counting, reading, and writing whole numbers to 1,000 and identifying the place value for each digit. Students have also practiced counting back by hundreds, tens, or ones from a number within 1,000. We have reviewed ordering and comparing whole numbers using the symbols < , > , and =. Scholars have also reviewed what it means to rename 1 ten as 10 ones and 1 hundred as 10 tens. Our number sense is deepening through these reviewed concepts and the students have explored these objectives using concrete manipulatives. 
*Our next unit in our math studies is unit 2 - Addition and Subtraction. This will start next Monday.*
8. Science: We will continue to explore magnets. Students will discover the poles of a magnet and learn how the law of magnetic attraction works.

1. Friday: Math Test; Place Value (use homework for review)
Please do reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have. 


Mrs. Morga & Mrs. Farias 

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