Monday, August 6, 2018


It was wonderful meeting all of you last Tuesday at "Meet the Teacher"
If you were unable to attend & did not receive a GREY parent info/resource folder please email me and I will send one home with your scholar.

Our Weekly Blog Post:
Please check back every Monday morning for an updated blog post regarding the upcoming week. 

Daily Take-Home Folder
Please empty the ORANGE take-home folder every day.  This folder will be used for nightly homework as well as a place for important forms (permission slips, field trip information, nurse passes from the day, etc).   We check the folders each morning to collect homework and other important forms that have been returned

Agendas will be filled out every day and sent home with your child to remind them of their homework and special events. Please sign your childs agenda every night and record the number of minutes read.  Student agendas enhance the students organizational skills. We check agendas every morning so this is a wonderful tool of communication. 

A glance at our coming week...

History instruction will start strong with our Geography and Spatial Reasoning unit. We will discuss globes, different types of maps, cardinal directions and identifying all 7 continents and 5 oceans. We will use a continents song as an instructional aid that you may be hearing at home! 

We will begin our study of magnets. Students will test what materials are magnetic and nonmagnetic. We will discuss and explore the similarities and differences we observed. 

Math: Daily Math Homework Starts Monday 
Count, read, and write whole numbers to 1,000 and identify the place value for each digit. 
Read and write  2-digit and 3-digit numbers in numerals, words, and as addition of tens and ones. 
Count on/back 1, 2, 10, or 20 from a given number
Rename hundreds, tens, and ones

Scholars will receive their math Workbooks and Textbooks on Monday. Workbooks are often used for their homework and some classwork assignments.  

The Workbook

The Textbook - You may see it come home from time to time as a helpful resource at/home support. It is to be sent back to school.

Language Arts:

This week we will review that a noun is a person, place, thing, or idea. When you are out and about this week you could ask your child to point out any nouns that they see. Is it a person? A place? A thing? An idea? 

Reading: Daily Reading Homework (20 minutes) Please sign the agenda after your scholar reads aloud to you for 20 minutes. 
We will begin our study of Elements of a Story by focusing on characters. Both the internal and external features of a character will be examined. When reading at home with your child, have them think deeper about the character. You could ask them questions like: What words tell about the character? How does the character feel? Does the character do good or bad things? Why does the character do these things? How would the story have changed if the main character were greedy (or brave, impolite, etc.). How did the main character’s behavior (thoughts, actions, etc.) affect the other characters in the story?

Spalding: Daily Spalding Homework (Handwriting Focus) Starts Monday
Students will begin Spalding this first full academic week. 
This first week, students will review handwriting formation - starting with clock letters, line letters, and phonograms 1-70. We will focus on handwriting, proper pencil grip, and scholarly position.  
Pencil Grip Video Help: Pencil Grip Video 

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